Use the best Video merging app, i.e., Video Combiner, for your videos. Within a few minutes, hundreds of video clips of unique formats are combined in one big video clip.

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In the age of the internet, where YouTube has become part and parcel of our lives, video editing software is no longer limited to the film and television industry. Along with entertainment purposes, videos are also a prime source for educational and scientific use.

The Best Video Merging Tool

Video Combiner

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Suppose you are in search of a premium-quality video merging tool. In that case, you must be thinking of high tech professional programs with complicated features. Let us go through one of the ace video joiners in the already popular market among the users.

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Video Combiner and its Premium Features

Video Combiner is a professional video editing tool that provides premium features with a minimalistic user interface. Every aspect of Video Combiner is user friendly, and it is suitable for both the professional and beginner level users. Video Combiner merges different video formats to one big video clip without messing with your video clips' quality. Let us explore the terrific features of Video Joiner in detail.

1. Combine Multiple Video Clips into One Video

The primary function of Video Combiner is to put your provided video clips in a single video. This function may sound easy, but combining video clips with different aspect ratio, width, and height without errors needs advanced algorithms. Video Combiner does his job seamlessly due to its premium technology.

2. Combine Videos with Different Resolutions and Aspect Ratios

The vast majority of video combining tools work fine when you want to join videos with some specifications. But the true test is the merger of videos with different resolutions and aspect ratios. Video Combiner gives you the option to bring uniformity in your video by custom options.

3. Mixing/Merging Multiple Video Formats

Video Combiner lets you join video clips with different properties. If you have multiple video clips of Avi, MP4, FLV and many other formats, you can join them into a giant video clip. You can personalize the format of your output video as well.

4. Keep Original Video Quality

Video Combiner does not alter the screen quality of your provided video clips unless you want to change it. The bitrate of your video clips remains unchanged by default. However, bitrate is customizable in case you want a compressed output file. Bitrate determines the quality of a video clip, and a higher bitrate ensures high-quality output video.

5. Keep /Scale Display Aspect Ratio

Professional video editors give premium quality results, and that shows in the final output. Video joiner gives you built-in options for screen resolution and aspect ratios. Your chosen aspect ratio applies to the new video clip. For instance, if you choose fit to screen option, the output video will have the fit screen aspect ratio.

6. Support all Video Formats from Android/Apple Devices

These days videos are shot mostly from mobile phones, and video merging tools are useless if they do not support mobile made videos. Video combiner is built to ease things for its users. It can combine videos from both the Android and Apple devices into a single clip.

7. Batch Combine Videos

By using Video Combiner, you can merge hundreds of videos with unique formats as one video clip. Batch merger saves your time, and it takes only a few minutes to finish its tasks. For batch combination, put videos in the File menu and start the process.

8. Portable Version Available

Video Combiner is a plug and plays tool, and this quality makes it highly portable. You can save the Video Combiner on your USB, CD, DVD, and use it when you need it. That is why it is the most space-efficient tool available on the internet.

9. Multi-thread Processing

You can initiate multiple video combination tasks by using Video Combiner. For instance, you can upload video clips separately for tasks A, B, and C. All the tasks will run concurrently. You will get output videos as per your commands.

10. 100% Clean, No Spyware & Adware

Video Combiner is available for direct download at its official site. The installation process is completely transparent. You are not forced to download additional tools or software to complete the installation.

Video Combiner Quick Guide

Video is an easy to use desktop app that requires no or less prior knowledge of the tool. Here is the quick Video Combiner guide for the users

1. Include your video files in the Video Combiner File List by using the Add option.

2. Choose the custom screen size and aspect ratio for your output video file.

3. Define the storage path for your video through the "Browse" button.

4. Finally, press the "Combine Now" option to start the merger.

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