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Video editing became the need of the hour with the popularity of YouTube and other video publishing platforms. However, using professional tools for video editing is not easy to use. Premium video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro require proper training even for minor edits in a video. Furthermore, these high-end programs are not available to the users free of cost. A big chunk of money is required to unlock the premium features of these video editing software applications.

Video Combiner

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Why is Video Combiner the Best Video Editor?

Video Combiner is a freeware that can be downloaded for all kinds of devices. It supports a wide range of operating systems so that you could use Video Combiner in your PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. You can use Video Combiner for the following tasks primarily.

- Compilation of different videos

- Assembling of short clips into a lengthy movie

- Compilation of differently formatted videos effortlessly

Introduction of Video Combiner

Video combiner is an ace tool for combining and merging different kinds of videos in a single clip. Videos with different formats can be joined together as a single video by using Video Combiner. Mostly used video formats such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, VOB, and more can be fit together as a single video. Let's explore what else Video Combiner can do with your videos.

1. Aspect Ratio Adjustment

The aspect ratio plays an essential role in determining the cinematic impact of a video. Video editors pay considerable attention to set the aspect ratio of their videos for maximum cinematic effect.

Video Combiner, by default, has the auto-fit option to adjust the aspect ratio of the edited videos. Auto-fit to screen size is a helpful feature for the beginners. Moreover, editors can also select the height and width ratio for their videos from predefined options. They can also set custom aspect ratios according to the need of their content.

2. Natural Merging Of Videos

Video Combiner is a simple tool that anyone can use to merge their video clips professionally. Video Combiner can compile videos with different settings and aspect ratios in a single clip. It preserves the original aspect ratio of each combined clip, and the black border fills the gaps between merged videos. To fit different video clips in a single video frame, users can also scale their videos as well.

3. Retains Original Video Quality

Video Combiner does not interfere with the original features of a video. This feature enables users to combine videos without losing their format. However, customization options are also available to adjust the bitrate of edited videos. Bitrate customization lets the users increase or decrease the quality of the edited video. Higher bitrate ensures high-quality videos and lower bitrate results in a low-quality video.

4. Top Compatibility Application

Video Combiner is an outstanding application that is compatible with a maximum number of devices. Users can freely download this lightweight Video Combiner. It equally supports different Operating systems. Windows, Mac, Android, IOS users can use its full features without downloading additional plug-ins. Most amazingly, users also have the option to save their edited videos in different video formats.

5. Multithreading Acceleration

Video Combiner is undoubtedly one of the most advanced freeware available on the internet for merging videos. Its lastest technology allows users to work on multiple videos concurrently. Execution of various tasks at the same time in Video Combiner is a real time saver for the users.

6. Batch Combine videos

No video merging software is complete if it does not have the batch combine feature. As being one of the most useful software for merging videos, Video Combiner lets the users join hundreds of videos by a single command.

7. Available for Portable Installation

Video Combiner is genuinely a useful program in terms of its utilization. It is available in portable versions as well for quick installation at other devices. Users can copy Video Combiner in a storage device and run the application by connecting the storage drives to other devices.

8. Junk Free Installation

Unlike most freeware available on the internet, Video Combiner is a secure program for installing in a device. It does not force the users to install spam applications. Additional programs installed along with a freeware are often malicious software, which are a terrible risk for the data security of the users. Furthermore, Video Combiner is also Adware free. Adwares are the pop-up advertisements that slow down the processing speed of devices and are responsible for poor user experience.

9. Super Easy Usage

Along with all the fantastic features, Video Combiner is extremely easy to operate. Users can merge their videos by following this easy tutorial.

1. Select the videos to merge by pressing the Add button. You can also copy-paste videos in the selection box.

2. Choose screen resolution if you don't want to apply default resolution.

3. Select the path for storing the merged videos.

4. Press the Combine Videos Now button to initiate the merger, and you are done.

Video tutorial of the Best Video Joiner and Merger

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