Best Video Joiner That Joins WebM, MP4 And More Formats

There was a time when high-quality videography was limited to movies and prestigious media projects. Nowadays, global video-sharing platforms have brought a revolution in the field of videography. If the professionally edited high-quality videos by individual videographers surprise you — you may not be using the right tools. Believe it or not but all the hit videos floating at Youtube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion are shot in smaller clips which are joined together lately.

Challenges In Video Combining

Combining video clips is quite challenging if you are unaware of the right tools. The majority of the substandard video joiners available on the internet contain basic features that give poor quality results. These are the possible challenges you could face using low-quality video joiners that are widely available online.

- Cannot merge videos of diverse formats

- Poor output quality (reduction in bitrate and aspect ratio)

- Overwriting original files

- Dead pixels and blind spots in the merged video

- Corrupted output file

- Forced installation of malware and spyware at your PC

- Breach of data privacy in case of online video joiners

If you are searching for a truly professional video merging tool, look at the MP3 Toolkit's Video Combiner.

Download Video Combiner

Download Video Combiner

MP3 Toolkit's Video Combiner

Compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and older versions - MP3 Toolkit-Video Combiner is a top-notch desktop app. Video Combiner is designed to match the ever-changing needs of the videography industry. You can bring videos of versatile formats in a single video clip without compromising on the quality. Sounds impressive? Let us get you through the amazing features of MP3 Toolkit-Video Combiner.

1. Bring Different Videos Clips in a Single Video

As the name suggests, the integration of unique video clips in one big video clip is the Video Combiner's primary function. Due to Video Combiner's advanced technical design, you can put up as many video clips for a merger as you want. The final video clip is stored in the selected location of your PC.

2. Auto-fit Screen Resolution Feature

Auto-fit screen resolution is the most demanded feature in any video joining the app. Video clips are shot in different angles, frames, landscapes, and sometimes with different devices. That is why managing the screen resolution of video clips as per the screen size is a welcome feature of the Video Combiner.

3. Amalgamation of Unique Video Formats

You can never predict if iOS and Android operating systems will find mutual ground for data sharing. However, the Video Combiner app lets you put together videos shot in different operating environments in one video clip. Be it Android or iOS — Video Combiner is compatible with 99% of available video formats.

4. Original Video Quality in Output

MP3 Toolkit-Video Combiner is a flagship videography tool that lets users get high-quality video results. For instance, if you are using HD video clips for a merger, the output video will also have HD quality unless you customize results. For custom video output, use the Bitrate, aspect ratio, and video format options.

5. Customization of Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is a turning point in determining the editing capabilities of any video graphics software. Video Combiner lets you choose different values for aspect ratios depending upon your editing needs. Aspect ratios such as 16:9, 9:16, and others are available as pre-set values in the Video Combiner.

6. Bulk Video Processing

Video Combiner is a highly efficient multitasking app designed for batch processing of video clips. You select an unlimited number of video clips in different tasks running simultaneously. While you are working on the other functions, the Video Combiner keeps on finishing the lineup tasks. It saves the combined video files in the designated location.

7. Portable Version

Video Combiner's ability to work as a plug-and-play tool makes it highly portable and storage-friendly. That's why plug-and-play tools do not slow down the performance of a computer. Also, if you own multiple desktops, Video Combiner can be stored in cloud storage to access it at the time of need.

8. 100% Clean - Junk Free Download

MP3 Toolkit-Video Combiner is an adware, malware, and spyware free tool. Unlike most substandard video joiners, users are never forced to download different games and software while downloading Video Combiner. You can visit the MP3 Toolkit website for a lightning fast download of your Video Combiner copy.

Video Combiner User Guide

Use the step by step instruction guide to merge hundreds of versatile video fragments into a single homogenized video.

1. Click on the "Add" option at the top right corner of the Video Combiner window to bring the list of your input video clips. Traditional drop and drag features are also available for a quick selection.

2. Choose the output values to get precise video results in the output. For customization, select the screen resolution, Bitrate, aspect ratio, and video format (FLV, VOB, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, MPG, and others the list).

3. In the third step, select the storage location for the output video file using the "Browse" option.

4. Lastly, initiate the video combining process by pressing the "Combine Videos Now!" button at the bottom.

Disclaimer: The video merging process may take a while to finish. Its duration depends on the number of files selected for processing.

(If you want to rotate multiple videos' orientation, please try Video Rotator.)

Download Video Combiner